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Why Alps Finance?

Asset Ownership

Asset Ownership

Full asset control and ownership that is censorship resistant from any third-party.

Easy Account Management Icon

Easy Account Management

Simple user interface to manage your cross-chain DeFi investments in multiple wallets, smart contract wallets, and DAOs.

DeFi Integration Icon

DeFi Integration

Integration with numerous cross-chain DeFi protocols across different blockchains.

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Invest in unlimited options of cross-chain DeFi products and take advantage of DeFi's money lego feature to the maximum from single dashboard.

Metaverse Marketplace Icon

Metaverse Marketplace

Trade & stake your favorite NFTs throughout multiple NFT Marketplace & Metaverse game.


Cross-Chain DeFi Dashboard
As we are converging to a cross-chain world, our platform will be offering multiple blockchain support by default. Furthermore, we shall be making the platform accessible to all device, mainly on web and mobile.
Cross-Chain DeFi Dashboard
Gamified Social Media
We believe in the power of community, which is why a core component of our platform is an in-app gamified social media that enables users interaction. You are not alone as you will be able to connect, follow, engage, learn and compete with other users investing on our platform.
Gamified Social Media


  • Twitter, Telegram, and Discord communities Launch
  • $ALPS ERC20 Token
  • $ALPS ERC721 NFT Avatar
  • Li.Fi Integration
  • Liquidity Pools Integration
  • Publish Whitepaper V1
  • MVP Launch !!!🚀
  • Start IDO
  • Build Multi-chain support in AVAX, BSC, and ETH
  • Fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp Integration
  • Web3Auth Integration
  • Lending and Borrowing Protocol Integration, e.g. Abracadabra
  • Metaverse Marketplace Launch
  • Marketing contents for onboarding new crypto investors
  • $ALPS Staking Launch
  • $ALPS ERC721 Name Service (.alps)
  • DAO proposals begin, tokenomics, treasury management, and innovation fund deployment.
  • Enhance the social investing platform launch further
  • Receive audits for all smart contracts
  • Integration with more DeFi tools
  • Metaverse Marketplace Launch
  • DAO Investment Fund Launch
  • Gamified Social Media Feature Launch
  • Yield Optimizer
  • Listing in centralised exchanges
  • More audits
  • DeFi, DAO, and NFT expansion
  • Incentivised in-app user social media interaction
  • Alps Foundation Launch
  • Alps Launchpad Launch
  • Mobile App Launch


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Learn more about Alps Finance, chat with the team, others in the community, and have your say in shaping the future of decentralized social investing.

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